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Ice dams are a common roofing problem that you’ll experience every winter season if you live in an area that has a lot of snow and ice during this time of the year. With that in mind, if you notice ice dams on your roof, you’ll want to get rid of them almost immediately. This is where ice dam removal companies can help.

But there are five mistakes that you don’t want an ice dam removal company to make.

  1. Failing to use steam – To remove ice dams, it’s often recommended that steam be used as it’s hot enough to remove them quickly without drowning the roof in water. Unfortunately, some ice dam removal companies don’t use hot enough water. This can cause a few issues for your roof as not hot enough water takes significantly longer to remove ice dams, costing you a significant amount since such services charge by the hour. Apart from that, if your roof is already suffering from leaks, the hot water can make it worse.

  1. Leaving footprints on the roof – If your ice dam professional must walk back and forth along your snow-covered roof, make sure they clear a path first as footprints can cause another ice dam to form in a few days or weeks as the snow gets packed down and will harden before finally turning to ice.

  1. Using the wrong equipment – Before you hire ice dam removal contractors, ask them what equipment they’ll use to remove it. If they answer with tools like a hammer, chisel, shovel or a blowtorch, part ways with the company immediately as these tools can damage your roof, and your insurance company won’t cover the damage inflicted to your home.

  1. Poor steaming technique – An experienced professional will use a steamer to remove one large ice chunk at a time before separating it from the shingles and repeating the process until the ice dam is completely removed. A less than experienced pro, meanwhile, will try to melt the ice all at once, which can take a significant amount of time. This can cost you a lot given that they tend to charge by the hour.

  1. Slow Response Time – If your ice dam removal service doesn’t offer same-day or next-day services and say that they’ll handle your issue next week, find another company immediately as you’ll be at the mercy of the elements until a professional can show up and remove the ice. With that in mind, it’s always best to hire someone who offers same-day or next-day services.

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