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While your rain gutters and rain gutter covers seem innocuous enough, they can present dangers and risks if left unattended. It would be unwise to think that insect infestations and clogging are the only perils that unkempt gutters present. Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore talks about one of the most overlooked gutter-related hazards you should look out for—fire hazards. The gutter protection company also shares some tips and practices you can observe to ensure your gutters and gutter protection system don’t become fire hazards.

How Your Gutters and Gutter Covers Can Become Fire Hazards

It’s Not Your Gutters, It’s What They Hold

Most gutters are made of metal such as aluminum. While metal gutters aren’t likely to catch fire easily, the material and the gutter system itself cannot prevent the dried leaves and debris from catching fire. Keep in mind that apart from rainwater, your open gutters also catch a variety of debris such as pine needles, leaves and other tree remnants such as twigs and limbs.

In the absence of rain, these components can dry up and become highly combustible. A particularly strong wind can carry embers more than 5,000 feet away from the original source of the fire. Remember that a single piece of smoldering cinder is enough to set accumulated gutter debris on fire. To reduce the risks of a life-threatening house fire, it’s in your best interest to always keep your gutters clean.

Fire-Resistant Doesn’t Mean Fireproof

As a responsible homeowner, you should still take precautionary measures even if the majority of your home’s architectural components are fire-resistant. After all, just because a material is rated Class A fire-resistant doesn’t mean it is fireproof. That said, it shouldn’t take an accident or the possibility of a life-threatening fire for you to start taking care of your gutters.

Gutters do more than add to your home’s curb appeal, which is why it makes sense to keep them clean and well-maintained. You may also invest in rain gutter covers so the debris will simply fall to the ground, eliminating the need for ladders during cleanup.

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