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July begins the mosquito breeding season. These creatures can carry different diseases into your household. So, it’s important to take steps to prevent them from reproducing on your property.

Remove Breeding Grounds

Mosquitoes can multiply in even the slightest amount of standing water. Getting rid of their breeding grounds is one of the best ways to prevent these insects from reproducing. You have to make sure that your yard doesn’t have standing water because that’s what invites mosquitoes. 

Throw away old tires, plant pots, buckets and containers where water can collect. Rot holes and hollow stumps must be filled. Drill holes at the bottom of tire swings. Birdbath and wading pool water must be changed at least once a week.

Moreover, check any outdoor faucet for leaks, and repair immediately before it creates a puddle of standing water. This goes the same for leaking cisterns, septic tanks and cesspools. Fill in low spots of your property if possible to get rid of stagnant water. 

Mosquitoes in Your Gutters

Water can settle in clogged gutters so it’s important to always keep them clean. Leaves, branches and seeds from trees can land in your gutters and collect moisture. Clogged gutters also attract other pests like ants, cockroaches, flies, termites and worms. 

Keeping your gutters free from debris is key in preventing and controlling these pests. Invest in gutter guards so your gutters stay clog-free. Choose Carolina Gutter Helmet® for high-quality gutter protection products. Our Gutter Helmet system is available in a wide selection of finishes to match your home and backed with a Triple Lifetime Warranty. Call us at (800) 824-3772, or fill in our online form for a free estimate. We serve homeowners in South Carolina.