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The usual method for rainfall management in landscapes has been to move it out as fast and effectively as possible. While it moves water quickly away from the year, this practice can compromise water quality by creating more flooding downstream and eliminating the natural cleaning process that occurs when water passes through the soil.  
This is one reason Brock Dolman, co-founder and program director at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center in California, established the sustainable-water-design mantra, “slow it, spread it, sink it.” In this post, a trusted provider of gutter protection systems shares how to design your landscape to slow, spread, and sink rainwater to the ground. 

Invest in a Green Roof 

Green roofs can interrupt and absorb water in small, frequent rainstorms. A shallow green roof can soak up an inch of rain and bring it back to the atmosphere through evapotranspiration, which reduces the stormwater runoff load on downstream bodies of water. 

Store Water in a Rain Barrel

Keeping runoff in a rain barrel or cistern can reduce the volume of water that ends up in the ground. You can also use the reserved water in times of drought or low rainfall for irrigation. 

Cover Bare Ground

Bare ground can be an impervious surface that sheds runoff very fast if it’s been eroded or compacted by water. Covering bare ground, such as a dirt path, with stones, coarse-grade mulch, or wood chips can help slow and spread rainwater.

Use Infiltration Basin and Trenches

Infiltration areas let the water settle and slowly sink into the ground. They also aid in spreading water over an area of a yard. These areas can be basins or they can be narrow trenched with stones. 

Create a Rain Garden

Adding a rain garden is an effective way to absorb and infiltrate a lot of runoff. However, it would require plenty of space. If you don’t have enough room for it, you can also direct water into plant beds for infiltration.

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