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Climbing up a ladder can be dangerous, especially if you don’t know how to properly use it. The job is actually harder than it looks. Thousands of people are rushed to the hospital every year due to ladder-related injuries. That’s why it’s important to learn some ladder safety tips before venturing up one.

1. Choosing a Ladder

Choose a fiberglass ladder if you’ll be working with electrical systems or climbing near power lines. This is because metal and wood conduct electricity. Carefully, determine the maximum load capacity you’ll need. Pick a ladder with a duty rating of I, IA or IAA.

2. Don’t Stand on the Top Rungs

As much as possible, don’t step on the top two rungs of stepladders and the top three on extension ladders. Always choose a taller ladder to prevent overreaching, which can lead to a fall. Never place the ladder on a box or barrel for additional height.

3. Use a Tool Belt

It’s important to hold on to the ladder with both hands when climbing up to avoid tripping. Use a tool belt to hold your equipment. Only one person at a time can use a ladder so never ask someone to climb up to hand you tools.

4. The Right Angle

Don’t place the base of a ladder close to a building because it can tip over and fall. On the other hand, placing it too far away can cause the ladder to slip. Practice the four-to-one rule, where for every four feet of ladder height, the base should be a foot away from the wall.

5. Secure Locks

Make sure that the locks on an extension ladder are secure, and its top portion is slid in front of the base before using it. Completely extend the rail spreaders if you’re going to use stepladders.

6. Only Climb on a Stable Surface

Leaning your ladder on an uneven surface can cause it to shift, rock or wiggle. Also, it’s extremely dangerous to climb up a ladder on icy ground.

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