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Decorating for the holidays can be a fun activity for you and your family. However, any decorating that involves your roof needs to be done very carefully to avoid the risk of injury. In today’s post, Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville, home of excellent gutter guards reviews, provides safety tips, tricks and ideas for decorating your gutters this holiday season.

How to Safely Decorate Your Gutters for the Holidays

Ladder Safety

No matter the season or the festivity, you’ll most likely be using a ladder to hang up your decorations. Before doing so, make sure the platform or ground you’ll be placing the ladder on is stable. Don’t forget to inspect the ladder itself as well. Always maintain a three-point contact on the ladder, whether it’s two feet and a hand or two hands and a foot when climbing.

Keep the majority of your body weight near the middle of the step, and always face the steps when climbing. Make full use of ladder jacks and hooks, especially if they are intended to latch on to gutters for added security.

Power Lines

Stay away from power lines. Keep large decorations off your roof and gutters as these can be a fire hazard. Utilize light clips for your Christmas lights and other power cords that need to be hung up. Secure the sections of the cord on the ground using electrical tape. Keep extension cords to the side or any area where they won’t cause people to trip.

Light-hanging poles eliminate the need for ladders, so consider using them if you’re not comfortable using the ladder. The most important thing to keep in mind is to not put too much weight on your gutters.

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