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Your gutters are crucial in keeping your home safe and dry as they’re designed to safely redirect water runoff and prevent water accumulation on your roof. But to ensure that they stay effective, they must be regularly inspected and maintained. You can also hire a professional to install gutter guard systems so that you won’t have to worry about constantly cleaning debris out of your gutters. 

As a homeowner, it’s relatively easy to conduct a DIY gutter inspection. However, you shouldn’t attempt to address gutter issues yourself as you might not have the knowledge and proper tools. Instead, have them addressed by a trusted contractor such as Gutter Helmet.

Before Inspecting Your Gutters

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably not familiar with what goes into a safe and thorough gutter inspection. You’ll need the right safety equipment, especially if you plan on climbing a ladder to examine your gutters more closely. If you want to stay safe and secure, however, it’s best to inspect the gutters from the ground instead since you can see from a distance if they’re sloped correctly and whether they have sustained damage in some sections.

Protecting Your Gutters

Although it’s important to regularly clean your gutters of debris, this can be tedious if it tends to accumulate often. If left unaddressed, the debris can cause clogging and lead to water pooling in some sections of your gutters. This may even lead to water seeping under the roofing material and leaking into your ceilings and walls. One solution is to trim any overhanging branches to ensure leaves and twigs don’t land on your roof. You should also invest in a good gutter cover to prevent debris from accumulating and clogging your gutter system.

Looking for Damage & Clogs

When conducting a visual inspection, look for signs of damage such as gaps, missing components, holes, sagging and leaks. If you find parts of your gutters damaged or not working properly, you should call in a trusted gutter maintenance contractor to address the issue.

If you’re interested in gutter protection and the best gutter system for your home, Gutter Helmet has got you covered! Call us at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free estimate or for questions regarding gutter maintenance.

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