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Gutters prevent structural damage caused by unrouted rainwater to the home’s foundation. This means you should keep tabs on its service life and anticipate its replacement. In this blog, your local provider of gutter guards, Chattahoochee Gutter Co., Inc., discusses gutters and their service lives, along with some tips on how to prolong their life span.


How Long Do Gutters Last?

A typical steel or aluminum gutter system is expected to last 20 years. More durable options such as copper are expected to last 50 years or so. As with other exterior components such as roofing and siding, gutters need regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent premature failure. It is important to remember that gutters are repairable, and it is possible to prolong its life span with proper care.

Warning Signs

You should inspect your gutters twice a year: before winter and before summer. During inspection, keep an eye out for the following:

  1. Bent or dented troughs.

  2. Loose joints and seams.

  3. Holes and cracks along the length of the gutters.

  4. Rusty spots.

  5. Broken or missing fasteners.

  6. Sagging gutters.

  7. Blistered or peeling paint.

You need a gutter professional to fix these issues as soon as possible. Leaving them as they are exposes your home damage to the exterior, including, at the most extreme, irreversible foundation damage.

Tips on Prolonging Gutter System Life Span

In addition to regular inspections and timely repairs, the following can help prolong gutter life span:

  1. Clean Your Gutters — Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year, either by professional cleaners or by yourself. You may need to do this more often if your property is surrounded by trees.

  2. Keep Tree Branches Trimmed — Speaking of trees, there should be enough clearance between the tree branches and your gutters. Sharp twigs can remove the gutter’s protective coating and expose the bare metal underneath. It can also damage the roofing surface and lead to premature moisture damage. A local arborist can trim tree branches without harming the tree itself.

  3. Invest In a Gutter Protection System — A gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet® prevents leaves and debris from accumulating in the gutters, which helps reduce its maintenance requirements, and therefore prolong your gutters’ life span.

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