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When properly maintained, your gutters will stay efficient and look great for many years. On the other hand, you will encounter different problems when you ignore this component of your home, one of which is rust. This issue can also occur due to poor gutter design and faulty installation.

Read on to learn different ways to prevent your gutters from rusting from a trusted provider of gutter protection products.

Why Rust Occurs

When iron and oxygen meet water or moisture in the air, a chemical reaction happens, which results in rust. The reddish color of rust is from the compound called iron oxide. Rust usually occurs when water stays in the gutter for a long time. Moreover, the most common causes of standing water are clogging inside the gutters, improper installation and incorrect slope. In some cases, certain materials may start to rust over time due to humidity exposure.

How to Prevent Rust in Your Gutters

Keep Your Gutters Are Clog-Free

When your gutters are clogged, rainwater will overflow to your siding and back up to your roof, potentially causing damage. If water doesn’t drain quickly or properly, water will remain in your gutters. To prevent rust, make sure that you have your gutters cleaned routinely. It would also help to invest in quality gutter protection products to avoid clogs.

Ensure Proper Gutter Fall

As mentioned, an improper slope can contribute to standing water in your gutters. A gutter system is more likely to collect water and debris if the slope towards the downpipe is not angled right. You can hire a professional to fix an improperly sloped gutter system.

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