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Many people enjoy watching birds and their interesting behaviors. Unfortunately, some of these behaviors can be irritating and even destructive to your property. 

When it comes time to build nests and raise young, many bird species find the open, narrow design of rain gutters and eaves ideal for settling down. The problem is, when birds nest in gutters, leaves and other debris will back up around the nest, clogging the gutter system and causing the gutters to overflow when it rains. This can lead to other, more damaging problems in the home.

How to Discourage Birds From Nesting in Gutters

To keep birds from nesting in and around the gutters, you do have a few options: scare the birds away, encourage them to relocate or put up barriers and guards to deter them. It’s important to note that federal and state laws protect nearly every kind of wild bird, so killing, trapping and tampering with nests are strictly prohibited. Contact your nearest U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office or county Cooperative Extension agent for advice on dealing with local bird species, or try these proven strategies for outsmarting them.

  • Barriers. Netting, mesh and low-voltage electrical barriers are among the most effective bird control methods.
  • Habitat modification. Habitat modification involves identifying and eliminating sources of food, water, nesting areas and other factors that make your home inviting to birds. For example, you could cover gutters that are used as nesting sites.
  • Scare tactics. Motion usually frightens birds away, so try attaching flags to rails or tying ribbons to posts. A variety of motion-activated or noise-producing products are available commercially, such as sprinklers, sound blasters that simulate gunshots or predator noises, and ultrasonic devices.
  • Alternative nesting sites. Discourage the bird before the nest is built by offering an alternative birdhouse nearby, away from your house. Birdhouses can be fun to build, fun to watch and educational for the whole family.

To keep birds out of gutters and downspouts permanently, the best approach is to install metal gutter guards. As an added bonus, you’ll also enjoy freedom from gutter cleaning because gutter guards also keep out leaves and other debris. 

Keep Birds Away With Gutter Guards

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