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Gutters do not only protect your home from the risks of water damage, but they can also help boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. They help add color and round out the look of your roofing system. To help you choose the right gutters systems, Carolina Gutter Helmet® shares some tips on choosing the perfect gutter color to match your exterior design.

Consider the Color of Your Roof

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a color for your gutters is your roofing system. Pick a color or shade that complements the color of your roof to avoid standing out for all the wrong reasons. This also helps create a seamless look, making your gutters look like an extension of your roofline rather than a separate part.

Additionally, keeping your gutters systems well-maintained can help preserve your home’s charm. With Gutter Helmet, you won’t have to worry about regular gutter cleaning. This type of gutter guard is also designed to blend in with your gutters. For shingle roofing systems, our brown, black and bronze Gutter Helmet would be perfect with the same colored gutters.

Look at Your Home’s Exterior

Add contrast by matching the color of your gutters with your walls. Doing so allows the gutters to seamlessly blend with your existing exterior design. Note, however, that your gutter should complement both your roof and walls to avoid a clash of colors.

Check the Color of the Trim

Lastly, invest in gutter systems that match the color of your window and door trim. This, however, depends on your home type to improve visual harmony. A similar shade in your gutters and trim, for instance, can create a visual effect of outlining your home. Remember to do the same for your gutter covers.

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