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Fungi make up about a quarter of the planet’s total biomass. While it’s true that most of the species are found nowhere near your home, quite a few of the most annoying ones are. This, of course, refers to mold. Outdoors, mold and mildew pose no threat to your quality of life. They do create unsightly black streaks that can ruin any style or aesthetic, however. Moreover, if black mold starts to grow indoors, they can release dangerous mycotoxins in your home.

The best way to prevent mold growth is with proper moisture handling. A good and reliable gutter protection service is the first step to achieving a mold-free home. Our specialists at Chattahoochee Gutter Co., Inc. offer these tips in keeping these nasty mold and mildew under control.

The Mold Trifecta

Before mold can succeed in colonizing your home, it needs three important things: spores, food and water. Removing any one of these three factors greatly curbs the development of mold colonies and even prevents the formation of new ones.

Spores and Food

Like most fungi species, mold uses spores to spread and reproduce. Think of spores as microscopic seeds floating in the air around us at all times. Should one of these seeds get on you or inside your home, you’re already looking at the first signs of an invasion.

Mold thrives on anything organic that it can break down for its needs. This means wooden structures in your home are at the most risk for mold growth.


Mold does not require sunlight to grow, but it does need water and plenty of it. The final requirement for mold growth is a moisture-rich environment. While controlling its food sources and its spores are almost too impractical for any home, moisture isn’t as difficult.

Your gutters are your home’s first line of defense against water-related damage. Having a high-performance gutter protection system is a good way to keep water away from your roof assembly and, by extension, mold out of your home.

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