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The Gutter Helmet® system is no stranger when it comes to positive gutter cover reviews. Today, Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore highlights the features of the Gutter Helmet system, and what exactly makes it a cut above the rest.

Mind on the Gutters: How the Gutter Helmet® System Works

Exceeding Industry Standards

While there are different types of gutter protection systems on the market, the Gutter Helmet system is the first of its kind. The revolutionary product has been a part of homes all over the country for 35 years and counting. Here are its prominent features.

Ribbed Surface – textured exterior promotes surface tension, allowing rainwater to cling to it, giving you a controlled water flow that will not overwork your gutter troughs. Gutter Helmet has an impressive tensile strength that allows it to withstand twice the amount of recorded rainfall in the country, heavy snow loads and high winds.

Nose Forward Design™ – the patented design features a precisely engineered opening. The nose-forward design allows water to enter the troughs, while keeping out debris and other foreign objects such as birds and insects.

PermaLife™ Finish – The PermaLife finish is an anti-corrosive patented paint coat that offers protection against chalk, fading, salt water and acid rain. PermaLife gives your gutter protection system a beautiful appearance, while maintaining its functionality.

Heavy-Duty Brackets – High-performing gutter protection systems require high-performing mounting brackets. Gutter Helmet features premium anti-corrosive mounting brackets that can withstand heavy loads. Combined with the tensile strength of the system’s ribbed surface, heavy-duty brackets offer exquisite support.

As a homeowner, it’s in your best interest not to overlook gutter maintenance and protection, as they are essential to your home. Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore is a certified Gutter Helmet dealer. Ready to see why the Gutter Helmet system receives outstanding gutter cover reviews? You may contact us at (866) 333-8150 for a free, no-obligation estimate, or fill out this form to schedule a consultation. We serve Salisbury, Maryland.