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Under normal circumstances, your gutters should be able to divert rainwater away from your roof and gutters with no problem at all. However, in areas with high-density rainfall, your gutters might struggle to do their job, resulting in water pooling in areas near your downspout.

How can you prevent water from pooling near your downspouts and eventually seeping into your home’s foundation? Well, there’s always the option of getting larger gutters. If you don’t want a gutter replacement, you can install either a splash block or a downspout extension.

Splash Blocks 

Rectangular pieces made from either plastic or concrete, splash blocks are placed under the downspouts to direct rainwater away from the foundation or soil. Wider splash blocks can divert rain run-off better than narrower backsplashes, which are also less conspicuous than the larger variety.

Splash blocks should be able to divert run-off at least three feet away from the downspout. And to do that, the splash block should have an ideal slope of 6 inches in 10 feet. To lessen the risk of the splash blocks being dislodged, you might need to do a bit of digging as well. Afterward, arrange the soil around the splash block. Make sure to inspect the splash block occasionally—foot traffic or shifting soil might have tilted it.

Downspout Extensions 

Downspout extensions essentially perform the same function as the splash block, allowing rainwater to exit the downspouts in a more controlled manner. Unlike splash blocks, however, you’d need to hire a contractor to install them.

Gutter Guards 

Of course, either of the two gutter accessories won’t be able to do much if leaves and other debris are preventing rainwater from flowing to the downspouts. That’s why it’d also be a good idea to install gutter guards.

Gutter guards prevent leaves and other debris from entering your gutters, reducing its maintenance needs. Keep in mind that gutter guards can only reduce, not eliminate the need for routine maintenance. That is except for Gutter Helmet®, a top-rated brand in online gutter guards reviews. It’s the only brand with a Never Clean Your Gutters Again® guarantee.

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