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How Gutter Helmet® Reduces the Need for Gutter Cleaning

By January 5, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

Moon Associates is proud to install Gutter Helmet® because it can reduce or even eliminate the need for gutter cleaning. Our clients no longer have to worry about the dangers of clogged and overflowing gutters. If you no longer want to climb up a ladder and perform the tedious task of cleaning your gutters, this product is for you.

Gutter Helmet®

Let’s take a look at how the product works and discuss the many great features that make it the leading option over a gutter screen in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

The Gutter Protection Process

Gutter Helmet prevents gutter clogs and reduces gutter cleaning by eliminating the root of the problem: debris entering the gutters. Our system will completely cover your gutters because its design includes no vertical openings. This prevents leaves, pine needles and other debris from entering and clogging your gutters. No matter how small, they’ll simply fall off the roof!

Meanwhile, water can enter your gutters thanks to the principle of surface tension. When it’s raining, water will flow down your roof towards your gutters and cling to the surface of Gutter Helmet. It will curve over the nose and enter a 3/8”-wide opening. Gutter Helmet can protect your gutters no matter how hard the rain falls because it can handle 22 inches of rain per hour without overflowing.

Other Great Features

Gutter Helmet also has other great features that make it the #1 alternative to a gutter screen in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It installs over heavy-gauge brackets that reinforce and strengthen your gutter system. It has horizontal stiffening ribs to improve its strength and durability. The system features a PermaLife™ High-Performance Coating that will not peel, chalk, fade, crack or chip for the life of the product. This coating protects the system from the damaging effects of acid rain and salt water.

Gutter Helmet can greatly reduce your gutter’s maintenance requirements, improve performance and increase lifespan. Moon Associates has over a decade of experience and has helped tens of thousands of customers. Call us at (800) 824-3772 to learn more about Gutter Helmet and get a free quote.