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Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet Bohemia

How Gutter Helmet® of Long Island Fixes Your Gutter Problems

By February 18, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

Your gutters may not be glamorous, but they are one of the most important components of your home. Gutters catch rainwater and redirect it to your downspouts, and the downspouts deposit the rainwater safely away from your home. Without a properly functioning gutter system, rain can severely damage many parts of your home.

Gutter Helmet® of Long Island discusses how we keep this from happening.

The Dangers of Damaged Gutters

As the expert in gutters and down spouts in Bohemia, New York, we recommend regular gutter inspections. Damaged gutters can lead to a cracked foundation, stained siding, rotting window sills and ruined landscaping. When your gutters are unable to handle rain, they will overflow. This overflowing water can saturate the soil surrounding your foundation. The wet soil puts enormous pressure on a foundation, leading to cracks.

Water escaping from your gutters can also damage your siding. It can seep through cracks in the siding and damage it from the outside in. Rainwater can also flow over wooden window sills, making them more susceptible to rot and deterioration. Finally, water can damage your landscaping and wash away plants.

Our Solutions

We can help prevent all these problems from happening by installing Gutter Helmet to protect your gutters and down spouts in Bohemia, New York. It prevents clogs from forming and blocking the flow of water in your gutters. If your gutter system suffers from extensive damage, we can also install a new seamless gutter system in its place. Our high-quality seamless gutters are custom-manufactured to your home’s specifications. This ensures that the system will function effectively even in severe weather.

We will first calculate your home’s total roof area and consider its slope. Using this data, we will compute the right size for your gutters. We will also figure out the correct number of downspouts and their proper placement around your home.

Our calculations will ensure that your home will be safe no matter how heavy the rain gets. In addition, consider installing Gutter Helmet to prevent clogging from weakening your gutter system. With the elimination of clogs and the added reinforcement of Gutter Helmet, you can be sure your gutters will function in any kind of weather. Give us a call at (800) 824-3772 to learn more about gutters, or to get a free quote.