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You’re in luck if you’re thinking about using rainwater to supply or supplement your own water needs. There are only a few contractors today that offer services related to this eco-friendly practice, but with a little bit of creativity, you can find a solution that works for your home.

Our experts on gutter caps at ABC Seamless Siding offer these tips to get your rainwater harvesting underway.

Is Rainwater Harvesting Legal?

Many state laws around this practice are based on the idea that collecting rainwater can disrupt hydrological cycles; however, this has been debunked by a recent study published in Scientific World Journal. Today, rainwater harvesting is legal in Alaska, although the cold climate requires some special considerations.

Rainwater Catchment in the Cold

In Alaska, rain occurs mostly during warmer seasons, but the winter season can occasionally produce rain. Constructing a catchment structure that can handle both the cold and the rain is certainly possible but its benefits may be somewhat limited.

Gutter Considerations

To maximize the advantages of rainwater harvesting, your water handling system must be kept free of any possible obstructions. Clogging greatly affects both the quality and the amount of water you can collect.

You can protect your gutters with effective gutter caps from Gutter Helmet®, an innovative product that’s specifically engineered to keep debris from getting inside your gutters. The exclusive Nose-Forward™ design ensures that leaves, branches, dirt and dust are all directed outwards and away from the troughs. In addition, Gutter Helmet features a special coating that utilizes the process of surface tension to maximize water flow.

At ABC Seamless Siding, we are your trusted provider of Gutter Helmet and all related gutter protection products. Give us a call at (866) 405-8248 or fill out our online contact form to request a free estimate and schedule a visit today. We serve homeowners in Anchorage, AK, and nearby areas.