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Gutters do more than just support your roof. They also safeguard the susceptible areas of your home’s exterior, particularly the foundation, from the costly effects of water damage. This is why gutter repairs and maintenance should never be delayed. For added protection, you should also consider installing quality gutter covers like Gutter Helmet® to keep the system in top shape at all times.

How Do Gutters Protect Your Home’s Foundation?

Read on as ABC Seamless explains the importance of gutters in protecting your foundation:

Gutters and Your Home’s Foundation

Gutters are designed to collect rainwater that hits your roof. They’re angled a bit to lead water to the downspouts. The curved end of the downspouts then drives water away from the foundation to keep your home structurally sound. This also prevents basement flooding and landscaping erosion.

The problem, however, is that gutters have an open design. This makes them prone to debris buildup. If clogs form in your gutters, water can overflow and pool around the foundation of your home. This can saturate the soil and add excessive pressure on the side of your home, possibly causing the lower walls to crack or push inward.

To ensure year-round protection, it’s important to put your gutters on top of your maintenance list. Experts recommend cleaning them at least twice a year. For long-term benefits, it’s best to invest in Gutter Helmet® systems.

How Gutter Helmet Can Help

Gutter Helmet is the ultimate solution to keep your gutters healthy for many years. It features a textured surface to keep water from spilling over the sides as it enters the system. It also boasts a nose-forward design that extends past the edge of the gutters to block leaves, twigs and other debris. With this innovative design, it eases the hassles of demanding gutter upkeep. We back it with a lifetime warranty so there’s no need to worry about replacing your gutter guards again.

As a certified Gutter Helmet systems provider, ABC Seamless can flawlessly install this system. Give us a call today at (866) 405-8248 for more information about our products and services. You can also request a free estimate. We serve Anchorage, AK, and nearby communities.