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Your gutters require regular maintenance and cleaning to perform correctly. Without this attention, they are likely to develop clogs from leaves, twigs and other debris that fall into them. This prevents them from doing their job: directing precipitation away from your home. When gutters fail, your home becomes extremely vulnerable to water damage.

Clogged Gutters

Read on as Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota highlights the dangers of clogged gutters.

The Ill Effects of Clogged Gutters on Your Foundation

The foundation is the most important part of your house because it’s responsible for holding the structure together. When water pools near your foundation, the soil becomes saturated, putting extra strain on your foundation. Eventually, this can cause your lower walls to crack and push inward, resulting in leaks and mold growth. Furthermore, the water buildup can erode the soil, causing your foundation to shift. This can also lead to wall cracks and uneven floors.

Clogged gutters are detrimental to your home’s structural integrity, which is why it’s important to keep your gutters clean at all times. Cleaning your gutters is a time-consuming and tedious task though, and it’s also hazardous. Fortunately, there’s an easier way. You can completely eliminate the need for demanding maintenance by installing Gutter Helmet, the best alternative to a typical gutter shield.

How Gutter Helmet Prevents Costly Issues

Gutter Helmet features a unique nose-forward design that sweeps leaves, twigs, and other debris to the edge of the roof, where they fall harmlessly to the ground. Its textured surface then enables water to cling to it as enters the system, directing it smoothly into your downspouts. By keeping your gutters clog-free all year round, Gutter  Helmet helps protect your foundation and other areas of your home from the dangers of water damage.

Unlike an ordinary gutter shield, Gutter Helmet has what it takes to end your gutter woes. Call us at (866) 937-3508 to learn more about the product’s excellent features and benefits. You can also request a free quote. We serve Culver, MN.