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How Clogged Gutters Can Put Your Home’s Foundation at Risk

By October 9, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

Debris such as leaves, branches, and animal nests are the primary cause of gutter clogging. They impede the system’s function of draining water away from the foundation of your home. Keeping your gutters free from clogs is a daunting task—which is why more and more homeowners are investing in high-quality gutter guards. Read on as Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville discusses how blocked gutters can put your home’s structural integrity at risk: 

Clogged Gutters



Rain gutters require regular maintenance to ensure they don’t become clogged, which is a time0-consuming, tedious, and even dangerous task for homeowners. As a result, many homeowners avoid the chore—but this is unwise. The resulting lack of upkeep and protection can cause extensive and costly damage to your home.

Accumulated water in your gutters can lead to serious problems.

You might not notice at first, but the small, incremental erosion has an exponential effect over time. The cracks and leaks can also attack your home’s structure. Don’t assume you can simply turn to your warranty either if you sustain gutter-related water damage. Most warranties do not warrant foundation damage from gutter clogging as they require homeowners to maintain their gutters.

Effective Solution

The good news is that there’s a way to keep your gutters clear and functional without spending any time cleaning them yourself. All you need to do is install a gutter protection system that can prevent debris from entering the openings. Unlike ordinary rain gutter covers, Gutter Helmet has unique features that completely prevent clogging.

Gutter Helmet features a textured surface and a nose-forward design that extends past your gutters. These traits allow water to cling to the surface of the system as it flows downward, while debris is brushed off from the surface of your roof and falls harmlessly to the ground. In addition, Gutter Helmet’s tensile strength can prevent unexpected repair and maintenance costs. It can hold up to 22 inches of rain per hour, exceeding the highest volume of rainfall ever recorded in the U.S.

Gutter Helmet is a smart alternative to typical rain gutter covers. At Gutter Helmet of Cookeville, we offer excellent gutter guard installation services to meet your needs. To learn more, call us at (866) 985-9982. We serve Cookeville, TN, and other nearby areas.