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The roof of your home has two important parts, the soffits and fascia boards that need to be properly maintained as part of your regular home maintenance. It is useful to know what they do and problems that can happen with them.

More About Soffits

The soffit functions primarily to ventilate the attic as air circulates through the holes and to the vents, drawing both heat and moisture away from the house. This prevents rotting in the rafters and sheathing of the roof. To prevent degradation from moisture and heat exposure, soffits are often made of vinyl material.

Over time, soffits can become damaged. They can also rot from exposure to weather and become breeding grounds for insects, squirrels, birds and even raccoons. Through cracks and holes, these animals can enter the house.

More About Fascia

Fascia board attaches to the end of roof trusses, rafters or the area where gutters attach to the roof. The fascia protects the roof from the outside environment and water damage. Fascia also makes the roof edge look more aesthetically appealing and safeguards the home from water exposure.

However, fascia boards often become damaged by water exposure, leading to dripping directly into the gutters. When the fascia boards become damaged, water rots out the boards and begins to affect the soffit. Rotted fascia boards must be replaced.

Avoid Costly Repairs

You can prevent damage to both soffits and fascia boards by keeping your gutters clean and free of debris, leaves and other matter. Investing in a leaf guard system such as Gutter Helmet® will protect your home’s foundation, soffit, fascia boards and the entire roof from damage.

It is important to remove and replace any damaged or rotted soffits and fascia boards immediately. Installing a well-designed system like the Gutter Helmet gutter leaf guard prevents problems from happening in the first place.

With Gutter Helmet, we can help prevent clutter and clogs from forming in your gutters. This is helpful all year, especially if you live in an area with a lot of snowfall where ice dams can develop. Metal gutter guards will prevent water damage to the roof, sides and foundation of your house.

Having gutter guards installed will save you money, lessen the need for maintenance, and protect your home and family. As a pioneer in the industry, Gutter Helmet offers customers an unwavering commitment to excellence for over 30 years.

When you call us at (800) 824-3772, you can schedule an appointment and also discuss any concerns about your roofing system. One of our certified technicians will come out to your site to assist you, provide a free consultation and install your leaf guards upon request. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from good planning and preventive steps.