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Some homeowners spend a fortune to improve the appearance of their home. They even go to the extent of remodeling their living space to make sure that all components match each other.

Gutter Cleaning

An often-overlooked way to preserve the beauty of your exterior is by investing in a high-quality gutter protection system. RBC Roofing, your premier general contractor, explains how clean gutters can ensure a beautiful-looking exterior.

How Clogged Gutters Affect Your Home’s Appearance

Accumulated dirt in your gutters can be hard on the eyes. Not only it can decrease curb appeal, but it can also affect the primary function of your gutters, which is to channel rain away from the foundation of your home. When the system can no longer carry the additional weight of the leaves, branches, and other debris, sagging is likely to happen.

Moreover, watermarks on the fascia boards, walls, or siding can be a result of the spilling of the water from the gutters. Clogged systems can also cause rot to wood when the rain doesn’t go directly to the downspouts. Consider installing a gutter protection system that can help maintain the aesthetic appearance of your house.

How Gutter Helmet Can Help

Engineered to last a long time and withstand extreme weather conditions, Gutter Helmet® has a unique nose-forward design and a tiny slit that keeps debris out of your gutters. It also has a ribbed surface that allows water to adhere and move towards the downspouts. It also comes with heavy-duty aluminum brackets that hold the system in place.

Property owners can also choose from the array of colors of Gutter Helmet. Its PermaLife™ finish prevents cracking and chipping. Moreover, it consists of five layers, including an anti-corrosion treatment on top of an aluminum substrate, as well as primer, color, and clear coats.

You can turn to us for your gutter protection needs. RBC Roofing can ensure excellent installation services that meet the highest standards of the industry. To learn more, call us at (866) 676-9805. We serve residents of Tolar, TX, and other nearby areas.