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Few people check their gutters first when inspecting their roof for wind damage. Yet gutters perform an essential role, and can be damaged under the same conditions roofs can be. In today’s post, local Gutter Helmet® dealers Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore discusses how gutters can be damaged by wind.

Metal Fatigue

Wind that strikes an exterior wall exerts pressure on the wall. One of its effects is it changes the wind direction upwards and towards the roof edge. This is what makes the roof edge the most wind-vulnerable part of the roof: it’s hit on two fronts. The changes in wind pressure from two different directions can move the gutters back and forth, straining the gutter hangers, fasteners and the troughs and resulting in metal fatigue. Too much of it can result in loose fasteners and cracks in the metal. Damaged sections of the gutters can be fixed. Investing in a seamless gutter system, which has fewer joints and seams, can help prevent metal fatigue.

Airborne Debris

Wind can carry debris high up into the air, but it is rare when gutter sections are brought down by unusually large pieces of airborne debris. It’s far more common to find tears, dents and dings on the gutters caused by small objects. Impact damage to the gutters can be compounded by weak fascia or corroded fasteners and gutter hangers. When performing a routine roof inspection, keep an eye out for signs of rot on the fascia, as well as dark brown streaks that indicate rust. If your gutters are due for replacement, ask your gutter contractor to use stainless steel screws. Also, consider getting copper or stainless steel gutters to eliminate corrosion.

Tree Limbs

Tree limbs close to the roof can cause indirect wind damage to your gutters, as well as your roof. Sharp branches touching the gutter surface can scratch protective coatings and caulking on your gutters, which can expose it to leaks and corrosion. Large branches, when pushed by wind, can push the gutters enough to bend them or even take them off their hangers. Keep a ten-foot clearance between the roof and the outermost branches to keep your roof and gutters safe from damage from tree limbs. Hire a local arborist if you’re unsure how to trim the branches without harming the tree.

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