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Gutter Helmet® gutter covers didn’t become the top-rated gutter guards by accident. Over many years, our engineers have spent countless hours designing our product for maximum efficiency. Our patented design includes technology to help it work more efficiently than other gutter covers in all weather conditions.

Gutter Protection

We developed our product to be the best leaf shield gutter guard so homeowners like you wouldn’t have to take on the messy, and often dangerous, task of cleaning gutters. Putting a simple screen on top of your gutters may work for a little while but in the long run, the screen will become clogged and it will be as if you don’t have gutters or gutter guards at all. Our design includes a textured and ribbed surface that does more than just keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters.

Design and Construction Make Gutter Helmet® Strong

Our engineers crafted the top-rated gutter guards by understanding the principles of textured and ribbed metals.  The embossed pattern in Gutter Helmet isn’t there for decoration; it creates some of the highest strength-to-weight ratios possible in formed aluminum. This may not seem important – after all, rainwater is supposed to flow in and leaves and other debris are supposed to fall off – but it is.

Let’s start with an example our northern customers can relate to: heavy snowfall. One square foot of snow may weigh as much as 20 pounds. Think about the added weight to your gutters and guards. If your gutter guards aren’t made to withstand heavy snow, they may fail after the first winter and you will have wasted your money. Not so with Gutter Helmet; our patented design withstands the weight of heavy snow.

These days, almost any location in the country can see heavy rain and strong winds. When rain falls at a rate of one inch per hour, the average home has roughly 2,000 gallons of water falling on it. Think of the weight of a gallon of water. As that runs down your roof and into your gutters, you want them to work as intended.

When debris slides off your gutter guards and rainwater passes in and flows down your gutters, there is no excess stress added to your gutters and fascia. Unprotected gutters quickly fill with debris, leaving rainwater nowhere to go other than overflowing down the side of your home. The added weight can cause gutters to pull away from your home, potentially damaging the roof’s structure, landscaping or even people below. Our lightweight aluminum makes Gutter Helmet the best leaf shield gutter guard as far as its ability to withstand snow, heavy rain and even wind.

Call Gutter Helmet® Today

Don’t risk your home with just any gutter guard. Choose the best leaf shield gutter guard on the market, Gutter Helmet. Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, our patented design and triple lifetime warranty make us the name to trust among gutter protection systems. Don’t delay, find your local dealer or make the call to schedule your free Gutter Helmet® estimate at (800) 824-3772.