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Hacks or quick fixes don’t always work and sometimes, the results don’t last. Taking shortcuts isn’t always a good idea when it comes to home maintenance. Often, these temporary fixes cost more in the long run than just doing them right the first time.

Discover shortcuts that don’t really work from a company with the best gutter guards reviews.

Waiting for Paint to Crack and Peel Before Repainting

To reduce the frequency of having to repaint, some people wait until the existing paint peels or cracks. Paint isn’t only there for cosmetic reasons; it also acts as a protection against harsh elements and pests. It also prevents moisture from damaging the wood. Delaying repainting can result in rot, cracks and other costly issues.

Not Replacing HVAC Filters

Air filters help in maintaining good indoor air quality. They also trap dust, pollen and other allergens that can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Clogged filters can encourage mold growth can cause your HVAC system to work harder than they should. Keep in mind that it’s less expensive to regularly replace air filters than to pay for HVAC repairs or replacement.

Delaying Roof Repairs

Even the smallest leaks can cause significant damage to your roof, which can spread to other parts of your home. Delaying repairs can make the problem worse. Make sure to have your roof professionally inspected regularly to catch and fix issues while they are small.

A Shortcut That Actually Works

One shortcut that really works is investing in gutter guards. A gutter protection system will keep debris from getting into the gutters, meaning you won’t have to clean the system as much. It won’t only save you on maintenance costs but also costly home repairs. Before purchasing, read gutter guard reviews and look for an experienced installer.

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