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Yard work is a crucial part of home maintenance. Often, yard work tasks require moderate to intense labor, as well as the use of heavy-duty tools. Needless to say, performing yard work can be a dangerous task.



In this article, Chattahoochee Gutter Co., Inc., a company that offers the best gutter protection in the area, shares how to stay safe when doing yard work.

How to Safely Use: Lawn Mowers

Whether you’re using a walk-behind or a ride-type of lawn mower, you should be mindful of your surroundings. Objects that are scattered on the lawn, such as dog toys and rocks, can become projectile items. Keep in mind that a lawn mower’s motor can spin a sharp blade faster than 200 mph and can cause severe injuries, so make sure only to clean or inspect the blades when the motor is fully switched off.

When mowing an inclined terrain, always move parallel to the slope to avoid toppling over and getting pinned down by the equipment. Lastly, don’t leave your mower running in an enclosed space to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning from the fumes.

How to Safely Use: String Trimmers

Since string trimmers rotate extremely fast, it’s no surprise that the majority of the accidents they cause are lacerations. These yard work tools do come with their own safety features, but it’s still highly advisable to wear protective gear when trimming the edge of your lawn using string trimmers.

How to Safely Use: Ladders

Ladders might not have any sharp, fast-spinning blades, but they can still cause accidents. Always have someone to assist you when using a ladder, and always keep at least three points of contact with the ladder when in use. Choose the right type of ladder for the task, and always wear non-slip footwear and protective gear.

While the dangers that come with doing yard work cannot be completely avoided, the risks for accidents can be lessened. For one, using the best gutter protection for your gutter system eliminates the need for ladders when cleaning your roof’s eaves.

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