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Your home requires regular cleaning to look its best. While some home cleaning tasks are easy to do on your own, others should be outsourced to professionals.

In this article, Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota, a company with rave Gutter Helmet reviews, discusses home cleaning chores that need to be handled by a professional.

Leather and Suede Jackets

If properly cared for, leather and suede jackets can last the owner for decades. While you can spot clean stains with water and a soft sponge, thorough cleaning should only be left to professionals. Otherwise you risk damaging these valuable items.

Black Mold

Black mold is a serious health hazard. It needs to be removed promptly, but it’s not safe to do this yourself. If you detect black mold in your home, contact a professional to remove it ASAP.


Cleaning your roofing system is something that no professional would recommend you DIY. Not only is cleaning a roof difficult, but it can be hazardous as well as it involves climbing a ladder and working from a great height. To ensure best results and to protect your safety, leave this task to the pros.


Never clean your gutters on your own as this also requires you to climb a ladder, which is dangerous. To ensure that your gutters are thoroughly cleaned and to minimize the risk of any injuries, call a professional.

Looking for a gutter installation company with good Gutter Helmet reviews? Simply turn to Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota. Give us a call at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form to get a free quote. We serve homeowners in Culver, MN, and nearby areas.