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Helpful Tips: How to Find a Reliable Gutter Contractor

By June 6, 2017No Comments

When it comes to the contractors you work with, reliability is the key factor. The question is how do you know which contractors you can rely on? Home improvement projects, such as the installation of a solid gutter protection system, costs money and you should make certain you receive the most bang for your buck.

Here are some tips to help you.

Follow Your Instinct

Trust is the number one factor when working with a contractor. Your gut instincts will rarely lead you astray. When you feel off about your prospective contractor, look for another one.

Get Everything in Writing

It’s crucial to have a detailed contract in place right from the start because it prevents legal liabilities. It’s binding, too, so you will have something to fall back on should you have issues with workmanship quality. We stand behind our work and our warranty – guaranteed!

Check for Licensing

Never settle for anything less than a licensed contractor. Licensing is a guarantee of a contractor’s knowledge and credibility. Furthermore, make sure your prospects are also bonded and insured for the sake of safety.

Look at Specialization

Always pick a contractor who specializes in gutter protection. These days, you have do-it-all contractors. While that’s well and good, specialists are more focused on the work you need to have done. With our contractors and the training they receive, you are guaranteed correct installation and expertise in the area of gutter maintenance.

Be Clear About Who Will Do the Work

Will your prospect perform the work or will it be delegated to a sub-contractor? This is an important factor so you know who will show up at your door to start and complete the project.

Know Your Responsibilities

Not everything is up to the contractor. As the homeowner, you have responsibilities too. Ask what needs to be done outside your home or before the installation process. Move valuable items away from the exterior of the home to ensure the contractors have clear access to your roof and gutter areas.

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