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The Cost of Gutter Helmet®

For over 40 years, Gutter Helmet® has been keeping gutters across America free of clogs. Our gutter protection system’s patented nose-forward design, rugged construction and Triple Lifetime Warranty ensure a lifetime of service.

If you’re thinking of joining the millions of homeowners who have discovered the benefits of our best-selling gutter covers, you have probably wondered, “how much does Gutter Helmet cost?” Several factors come into play when calculating cost.

Installation Cost Factors:

The first factors to consider are the general dimensions of your home and gutter system.

  • How many stories are there?
  • How many corners does your gutter system have?
  • How steep is your roof?
  • What is the total length of your rain gutters?

Next is the condition of your existing gutters. There is no sense in installing new gutter covers on gutters that are in bad shape. All Gutter Helmet installations include a tune-up of your existing gutters—including cleaning, sealing, re-pitching and adding hangers as needed. But if a full replacement or extensive repairs are necessary, these must be factored into the final cost per foot of your Gutter Helmet system.

  • Were your gutters properly installed?
  • Are they warped, corroded or pulling away?
  • Does the fascia board (the board along the edge of your roof that supports the gutter) need repair or replacement?

Additional factors to be considered are:

  • Does the technician need any special equipment to perform the installation (e.g. because of the way your home is situated, etc.)?
  • How difficult is it to access your home and/or your gutters?

Whatever the final cost, the money and trouble you ultimately save on cleaning, maintenance and clog-related repairs make Gutter Helmet well worth the investment.

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