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Fall is here again, and with winter on the horizon, keeping your gutter system clean and well-maintained is imperative. Otherwise, it may incur problems that could spell trouble for your entire home. Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota, your local source of the best gutter guards, shares the various threats that your rainwater system may face during fall and winter due to a lack of maintenance.

Gutters clogged with autumn leaves


Condensation occurs when indoor heat meets the cold outdoor temperatures. As it happens, pressure builds up that may harm the roof and gutters. Excess ice and snow must be removed during the winter months to prevent this problem from getting worse.

Snow and Ice Buildup

Snow can accumulate on top of the roof, increasing the load it carries. Eventually, melted snow flows to the gutters, but because of clogs, it may freeze there. Ice prevents the flow of melted snow to your downspouts for proper drainage. Cleaning the gutters is important to ensure the flow of melted snow away from your property.


As the snow melts and refreezes, the water drips from the lip of the gutters to the ground. Icicles or transparent stalactites hanging from your roof and gutters begin to form as a result. They may look beautiful, but they put your roof and gutters in danger. Removing icicles helps keep the gutters remain intact.

Ice Dams

The warmth of the roof deck causes snow on top of the roof to melt. As melted water runs down the edge of the roof where it is colder, it begins to refreeze. A “dam” of ice forms as subsequent melting backs up under the shingles. They’re a problem during the winter season as they can lead to interior leaks. In addition to cleaning the roof and gutters, ensuring adequate attic insulation is vital to maintain the necessary indoor temperatures.

With the colder months approaching, it is also worth investing in the best gutter guards and ice reduction systems so the gutters remain free of clogs and ice. Gutter Helmet of Minnesota is the exclusive dealer for Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat® in the local area. Learn more about our products by calling (866) 200-5339 or filling out our contact form. We serve homeowners in Monticello, MN, and the surrounding communities.

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