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Gutter Helmet vs. Other Gutter Protection Systems

By July 12, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

Choosing a gutter cover boils down to two options – Gutter Helmet and another gutter protection system. This might seem like a bold claim, especially if you’ve never used this system before. For the myriad of satisfied Gutter Helmet clients, however, it is unlike any other.

Don’t just take our word for it. Let Gutter Helmet of Cookeville give you a rundown of the unique features that make Gutter Helmet a cut above other gutter covers in Cookeville TN, and the nearby areas:

Clog Prevention System

Gutter Helmet uses a reverse curve method to prevent leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris from entering the gutter. This system channels rainwater around its patented nose-forward panel and through a small, 3/8-inch opening underneath. It also features a ribbed surface design to enhance water surface tension. As such, it does not only prevent leaves from collecting in the gutter, but it also allows the debris to fall freely to the ground.

Other systems, such as bottle brush or sponge do not offer such conveniences. Instead, they trap the debris on the roof, so there is always a chance of them slipping through into the troughs eventually.

Fading, Chalking, and Corrosion Resistance

Gutter Helmet features Permalife™ finish, a high-performance, multi-layer coating that protects against chalking and corrosion from acid rain or salt water. No other gutter covers in Cookeville TN, or the local area, features this high grade protection.

Roof Compatibility

Gutter Helmet follows the natural slope of your roof so water can flow unobstructed. Its premium engineered mounting bracket keeps it in place no matter the weather. That’s why Gutter Helmet can handle up to 22 inches of rain per hour, which is twice the highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in the U.S.

Other gutter covers, such as those that use mesh will require you to insert them under the shingles. This process may take longer and may end up costing more to complete.

Make the switch to the winning side today by calling us at today. Gutter Helmet has been the number one choice in gutter protection for over 30 years; we will be happy to welcome you to the family!