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Gutter Helmet®: The Top Choice Among Other Systems

By March 23, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

 The perfect gutter protection system will maintain your gutter’s best shape by keeping it clog-free for years. For your convenience and safety, it will also eliminate the need for cleaning for a long time.

Our Gutter Helmet® is the ultimate solution for all gutter issues, and this is backed with our positive gutter guards reviews in Greer, South Carolina. Let Gutter Helmet Carolina discuss the various kinds of gutter protection and what makes our product the top choice:

Fine Mesh Guards

Fine mesh guards have tiny holes to filter both large and small debris. While it will block seeds and needles away, it can get clogged with shingle grit and pollen. In addition, the leaves, twigs, and other debris can build up on top of the mesh which will inhibit rainwater from flowing into your gutters. Most homeowners complain its inefficiency to handle heavy loads of water, which is why it’s not the best cost-effective solution on the market.


Screens are the most popular gutter protection system on the market. They are great in conditions where leaves are a major issue. However, they have openings big enough to let the pine needles and seeds in, rendering it inefficient. This would still clog your gutter systems, given time. Cleaning them is also difficult since other debris get entwined. Without the proper skills and tools, doing this tedious task will only compromise your safety.

Gutter Helmet

This offers the best protection among the systems available on the market, and this is backed with our positive gutter guards reviews in Greer, South Carolina. It has a 3/8” wide slit that prevents debris of any size to enter your gutters so the rainwater can flow efficiently through your drainage system. Then, its patented nose-forward design will let the debris fall off the edge to ensure that your gutters remain clog-free. Furthermore, it utilizes the principle of surface tension that other systems lack. It allows water to adhere to the surface to effectively direct it where it’s supposed to go.

Gutter Helmet features a unique horizontal-rib design and heavy-duty mounting brackets to withstand rough weather conditions. This also offers strength for your gutters so they will remain intact through the years.

You can rely on Carolina Gutter Helmet for top-notch gutter protection solutions. Call us today at (866) 882-8292 for a free quote.