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Moisture is the single biggest threat to any home. In addition to the obvious problems it can cause for your home and possessions, water encourages the growth of mold, bacteria and insect infestation. Not only is water damage unsightly, it can become a ticking time bomb that can permanently compromise your property’s structural integrity.

You might be surprised that rain gutters are one of the most effective defenses against water damage, making seamless gutters one of the wisest exterior home improvement investments you can make.Next to gutters in importance is a quality gutter guard system like Gutter Helmet®. When used together to control water runoff and combat water damage, seamless gutters and Gutter Helmet® offer highly effective protection for a home.

Why Gutter Helmet®?

Gutter Helmet pioneered the gutter protection industry more than 30 years ago. Since then, we have developed the nation’s largest network of dealers and established a brand that has become the most recognizable name in gutter protection. In a recent independent survey, Gutter Helmet® was named as the “most recognizable brand of gutter protection.” The next closest competitor garnered only 8% of mentions in this survey question.

This overwhelming majority represents Gutter Helmet®’s reputation for providing one of the most unique, advanced and effective gutter guard systems in the world. It can be installed on new or existing gutters, and is engineered to handle over 22 inches of rainfall per hour – more than double the highest recorded rainfall in the Continental United States!

After over three decades in the business, millions of feet of patented Gutter Helmet® technology have been installed on homes across America. Get the benefits of Gutter Helmet® for yourself by calling (800) 824-3772 to schedule a free gutter protection quote.