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Gutter Helmet®: Protect Your Gutters this Autumn

By September 15, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Your gutters may be small, but they are surely among the most important parts of your home. They are responsible for directing rainwater away from your home and into the proper channels. The problem is that your gutters won’t function properly if they are clogged with debris.

With autumn officially starting, falling leaves will be inevitable. One day you might find your gutters jammed and in pretty bad shape. The good news is that Seamless Exterior offers the best solution: Gutter Helmet®. You may be wondering how Gutter Helmet can keep your home in good shape. To answer that, let’s discuss the role of gutter protection this season.

The Importance of Gutter Protection this Fall

While fall offers gorgeous golden colors and beautiful landscapes, all the fallen leaves that come with it can cause gutter congestion if you’re not careful. This is the very reason Seamless Exterior recommends installing a gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet. This system is designed to effectively keep leaves and other debris out, and allow rainwater to flow properly.

Without a gutter protection system, your gutters are susceptible to clogging, which can lead to structural damage. Once your gutters fill up from accumulated debris, they will start to weigh down. This will result in costly repair work or worse, injuries for unsuspecting people. To ensure protection and safety, have Gutter Helmet installed this season. If you’re wondering how to install gutter covers in Cedar Falls IA, or anywhere in the local area– worry no more. Our professionals can do that for you.

The Benefits of Installing Gutter Helmet

One of the main benefits of Gutter Helmet is that it filters out debris to prevent clogging and water runoff. Because of its patented nose-forward appearance, filtering leaves, branches, and other debris is easier. Additionally, Gutter Helmet has a textured and ribbed surface that increases water surface tension and tensile strength. These features reinforce the protection system to withstand the harshest weather.

Other benefits of Gutter Helmet include prevention of mold and mildew buildup, rotting wood in roofs and walls, and cracking foundations. Who said that a gutter protection system only shields gutters? Gutter Helmet is created for full home protection and maximum defense against the elements. It comes with a lifetime transferrable warranty that covers its materials and product performance. With Gutter Helmet, you won’t look at gutter protection the same way again!

Keep your home protected this season with Gutter Helmet. To learn more about our products, call Seamless Exteriors today. You can also request a FREE quote by filling out our online contact form.