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Gutter Helmet ®: The Frequently Asked Questions

By August 10, 2015October 17th, 2023No Comments

Gutters protect your home by collecting rainwater and letting it flow smoothly to the downspout and away from your home. However, debris can clog your gutter and prevent smooth water flow. This can cause water to overflow and run down on the side of your home, which may cause rotting. In addition, sharp debris can damage gutters and cause water entry inside your home.

Fortunately, we have developed a modern solution for rain gutter protection in Boise ID, and the local area: Gutter Helmet®. Here are some of the questions that homeowners frequently ask:

What is Gutter Helmet?

It is a patented gutter protection system installed over your gutters featuring a nose-forward design that prevents leaves, branches, and other debris from clogging your gutters. It makes sure that water flows smoothly while debris fall away from your home, helping you preserve its curb appeal. With the unobstructed water flow, there is no chance of water getting stagnant, which can be a breeding ground for insects. This ensures a healthier environment and keeps you from cleaning your gutters again.

Will I compromise my roof’s warranty by installing your product?

Leading roofing manufacturers have assessed and approved our installation process. You can be sure that working with our professionals will result in a seamless installation process. Have the peace of mind that your roof and its warranty will not be compromised.

My roof is steep. Will water run over your product?

Our gutter guard protector design is applicable to any roof, regardless of pitch. You can be sure that rainwater will flow smoothly through your gutters.

Do I need to clean my gutters before the gutter guard installation?

We value our customer’s satisfaction and we are committed to delivering stress-free installation service. In addition, our service includes gutter cleaning, which is why you no longer need to clean your gutters before our arrival.

At Gutter Helmet of Idaho, we strive to find efficient solutions to improve the lives and homes of our customers. For more questions about our products, call us today.