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Why spend time manually cleaning your gutters when you can leave the job to the innovative Gutter Helmet® system? Unlike ordinary gutter guard cleaning items, this gutter cover utilizes the principle of surface tension, which allows proper water flow into your gutters. Here’s how it works.

Gutter Cleaning Made Easier by Gutter Helmet®

The Principle of Surface Tension

You can observe the principle of surface tension by holding a glass over a running tap. Before water spills over the top of the glass, it will take on a dome-like appearance. This is surface tension in action. The molecules at the surface of the glass cling tightly together because they are more attracted to each other than the air above.

Gutter Helmet takes advantage of this concept to control water flow. Through its nose-forward design and ribbed surface, water forms a sheet as it curves through the system’s narrow opening and into your gutters. This “sheet” of water rounds the curved edge of Gutter Helmet straight into a slit leading to the gutter.

Other Top-Notch Features

Gutter Helmet is made of thin yet sturdy aluminum that can handle up to 22 inches of rain per hour. It’s attached to your gutters using heavy-duty brackets, which keep the system intact even in severe weather conditions.

Your roofline will look sleeker with Gutter Helmet, thanks to the system’s PermaLife™ finish. This multi-layered coating comes in a variety of colors that helps create a more harmonious exterior design. It also resists cracking and chipping, problems that are common with cheap gutters and gutter guards.


Warranties protect your investment from faulty manufacturing and installation methods. Gutter Helmet comes with a transferable Triple Lifetime Warranty that covers material and product performance.

Turn to a trusted gutter guard cleaning company like Gutter Helmet of Cookeville to help maintain clog-free gutters. Call us today at (866) 985-9982 to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Cookeville and nearby areas in Tennessee.