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Technological and scientific advances over the years have made great strides in making everyday life easier to navigate. One such development is the use of the principle of surface tension for seemingly mundane things like camping tents and gutter cover systems. Gutter Helmet® of Piedmont, the recipient of nothing but the best gutter guard reviews, talks about the basic tenets of surface tension and its significance.

Good Tension: Understanding the Relevance of Surface Tension

Defining Surface Tension

Surface tension refers to the cohesive force between liquid molecules. The term is typically used when the liquid surface comes in contact with gas, such as air. The interaction results in the formation of a thin, elastic sheet, allowing certain spiders and insects to traverse the water surface without sinking. Surface tension is also responsible for the shape of raindrops, with various intramolecular forces drawing the liquid particles closer together.

Surface Tension in Everyday Life

Surface tension actually plays a vital role in everyday life. It’s responsible for the raindrops merely sliding off the surface of a newly waxed car, keeping the vehicle looking tidy even after a considerable downpour. The mercury inside a thermometer is able to give an accurate temperature reading due to surface tension as well. Surface tension is also what lends some camping tents their “water-resistant” properties (although they aren’t actually resistant to water). Water can’t get through the fabric of the tent due to surface tension; breaking the tension by touching the tent allows water to slip through.

Perhaps surface tension is most notably utilized for reverse-curve gutter covers, such as those offered by Gutter Helmet.

How Reverse-Curve Gutter Covers Work

Imagine water molecules in the form of raindrops, dripping to the edge of the reverse-curve gutter covers. Keep in mind that water molecules tend to stick close to each other. Due to surface tension, the water will cling to the surface of the gutter covers, making its way into your gutters. The debris and junk will then merely fall to the ground, leaving you with clog-free gutters.

There’s a reason Gutter Helmet of Piedmont receives nothing but the best gutter guard reviews. We offer an innovative product that works, paired with excellent workmanship. If you’d like to know more about our products and services, please call us at (844) 204-1015. We serve Charlotte, NC.