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Believe it or not, everyone has a personal garden style. The types of gardens we create reflect what we enjoy and, when planted in front of the home, give the outside world a first impression of who we are. No matter your taste and lifestyle, there is a garden design style to suit you! Take your pick of these styles, or combine them for even more enjoyment.


Urban garden. Urban gardens come in many different forms, from herbs in a window box to cultivating an abandoned lot. With a clever design and good soil, an urban garden can produce everything from tomatoes and salad greens to strawberries! For apartment dwellers, hanging baskets and container gardens can still yield a bounty of enjoyment in a limited space.


Wildlife-friendly garden. By using native plants, maintaining a water source and avoiding the use of pesticides and herbicides, you can create a garden that attracts butterflies, bees, birds and other kinds of wildlife. You can also incorporate supplemental feeders and food sources. However big or small your outside space is, you can have a wildlife-friendly garden.


Mediterranean garden. Mediterranean garden plants traditionally found in the warm, dry climates of France, Spain and Italy – such as olive trees, lavender, herbs and vines – are ideal for a low-water landscape. Mix these with boldly colored, drought-resistant garden plants to create the feeling of warmth found in Tuscan gardens.


contemporary-family-gardenContemporary garden. Hardscapes of stone, wood and concrete are integral to the contemporary garden. Plants are fewer in number but more dramatic, and water features, sculpture and containers are also standard. The effect is a stylish yet relaxing atmosphere that works for both small and large spaces.


Cottage garden. A cottage garden is characterized by a profusion of plants and climbing vines bursting with color and scent. Cottage gardens originated as a way for people to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers within a small plot, and this romantic style can easily be adapted for almost any style of home.


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