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Frequently Asked Questions about Helmet Heat®

By January 11, 2017October 17th, 2023No Comments

A gutter protection system makes for an ideal solution to keep debris out of your gutters all year long. In the winter, however, there is the added concern of the formation of ice dams. Fortunately, ABC Seamless Siding® offers an efficient solution in dealing with this issue in the form of Helmet Heat®.

Helmet Heat

As the expert in gutter protection in Anchorage, Alaska, we would like to answer some of your questions about this solution.

What is Helmet Heat?

In addition to installing our reliable Gutter Helmet® system, we can complement it with an ice reduction system called Helmet Heat. This self-regulating heating device is designed to prevent ice and snow buildup around the edges of your roof. It melts snow before it even has a chance to form. This will allow snowmelt to flow down smoothly into your gutter system and into the downspout.

What Can Helmet Heat Prevent?

Ice dams are problematic because they can lead to leaks inside your home, compromising your investment. With our ice reduction system installed, you can better prevent the following problems:

  • Deterioration of your roof decking, rafters, exteriors, and interior walls.
  • Icicles that break off can damage your home’s exterior and even lead to potential accidents.
  • Decreased effectiveness of insulation.

How Do I Know If the Cable is Heating Up?

Check the cable directly at the part where it enters the downspout. If it’s warm to the touch, then it’s working. Make sure that the breaker is on, as well.

How Long Should I Leave the System Turned On?

Keep the system on for as long as there’s snow on your roof. Switching it on and off periodically makes it inefficient, allowing ice to form on the top and nose of your gutter protection system.

Why is There Still Ice on the System?

This can happen if you fail to switch on the system prior to snowfall. This can also happen due to extreme cold temperature or wind chill factors. Give your system time to heat up and you’ll eventually see ice melt slowly.

Does Helmet Heat Work in Extremely Cold Conditions?

Yes, as long as it’s switched on prior to snowfall.

Let ABC Seamless Siding reinforce your gutter protection in Anchorage, Alaska, with Helmet Heat. With our solutions, you can have a stress-free experience no matter the season. You can also rely on us for other services,

Call us today at (866) 405-8248 for more information about our heat regulating system.