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The 2008 recession slowed down many industries in the country. Residential construction was one of the hardest hit areas, dropping the demand for all related products and services, including roofing, siding and even the manufacture of gutters and downspouts. However, as the economy recovered over the next few years, demand boomed and, with it, construction companies that want to ride the wave of the bullish market.

Today, gutter and downspout construction is estimated to become a $6 billion industry. Of course, there are many factors that contributed to this incredible growth, and our experts at Carolina Gutter Helmet® explain a few of them here.

Increase in Value

One of the adjustments gutter companies made was to entice new customers with value-added products like an effective gutter shield system that negated the need for constant gutter cleaning. Studies have shown that companies who diversified and expanded their product lines were more likely to succeed in the post-recession period.

Gutter Helmet pioneered the gutter protection industry with a revolutionary product that captured the attention of a market who was in dire need of something new. For years, our products have helped countless homeowners eliminate one of the riskiest seasonal chores in their home.

More Options

The government has imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum products. While this may seem like a temporary solution to a perennial problem, it does promise to boost the growth of local steel and aluminum companies for the short-term. This means cost-effective solutions for gutter and gutter shield manufacturers who then pass on those savings to their pool of clients.

Believe it or not, this allowed Gutter Helmet to improve our products with a much wider array of gutter protection products, including our exclusive Helmet Heat® system, the best solution for ice dam formation available today.

Carolina Gutter Helmet is your leading provider of effective gutter shield products. Give us a call at (866) 882-8292, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation and get a free estimate today. We serve homeowners in Greer, SC.