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The rising summer temperatures cause water to evaporate quicker. It’s important to stay mindful of your water consumption. Reducing your water use can help the environment and give you savings on utility costs.

Here are some tips to reduce water consumption within your home.

1. Water Plants in the Morning or Evening – Watering your plants in the middle of the day will only cause water to rise in the air. The ideal time to water your plants is in the morning or the evening. 

2. Repair Toilets – Toilets that are leaking from the tank into the bowl waste a lot of water. Add food coloring into the tank of your toilet to determine if it’s leaking. Your toilet is leaking if your toilet water is the same as the dye. 

3. Cut Shower Times – The more time you spend showering, the more water is being used. Make sure to turn off the water while you’re shaving or applying shampoo. Place a bucket under the shower to collect water. You can use this water for your plants. 

4. Smart Drinking Habits – Use reusable drinking bottles instead of disposable plastic bottles. This will greatly help saving energy since you’re saving plastic. You can also fill a container with water and place it in the fridge so you’ll have cold water anytime you want. This eliminates wasting water while waiting for it to cool. 

5. Collect Rainwater – Set up rain barrels under your gutters to collect rainwater from the roof. This water can be used on your plants. It’s much better than letting rainwater run into your driveway sidewalk. 

Clean gutters are essential for effective rainwater collection. Water can get stuck in your gutters if they are clogged, which can overflow and damage your property. Choose Carolina Gutter Helmet® for the best gutter guard system. Call us at (800) 824-3772, or fill in our online form for a free estimate. We work with homeowners in Greer, SC.