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Water diversion is important to ensure the protection of the home against moisture damage. Gutters play a critical role in this process by channeling water away from the property to prevent damage due to rot. Downspout diverters are another type of product that can help boost your home’s defense against water damage. 

In today’s post, ABC Seamless Siding, a local company with excellent gutter guard reviews, discusses the features of downspout diverters below.

Paired With Rain Barrels

Downspout diverters are installed directly onto the downspout to create seamless water flow into a rain barrel. There are two types of downspout diverters: one that looks like a hose and one that looks like an arm. 

With the former, one end is attached to the downspout and the other is attached to the barrel’s lid. The advantage of this type of diverter is that it automatically handles water overflow. Once the barrel is filled, excess water backs up to the downspout, which will then be directed toward storm drains. The hose-type downspout diverter can only be used when the downspout extends from the roofline to the ground. Certain products may come equipped with a plug that shuts off the diverter when not in use.

The second type features an arm that can be flipped up when the rain barrel is not in use. Here, the water flows through the downspout, some of which enters the diverter and flows out of the arm and into the rain barrel. Unlike the hose type, this product does not automatically handle water overflow. This means that the product must be paired with a rain barrel that can manage overflow. It is manufactured using galvanized steel and can be used alongside rain barrels with screened lids.

Best for Collecting Rainwater

Equipping your gutter and downspout system with these diverters helps you collect rainwater that you can repurpose for various uses. Just be sure that the water being diverted to rain barrels is free from any specks of dirt or debris. For this, you can equip your gutters with protection systems such as Gutter Helmet®.

ABC Seamless Siding can install Gutter Helmet on your existing gutter system. It has a patented nose-forward design that keeps debris out of your gutters—the leading reason why it’s the recipient of so many positive gutter guard reviews.

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