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Looking for activities to do with your children this fall? Involving them in child-friendly fall home maintenance tasks can be a great bonding experience that also helps take care of important work around the house! 

In today’s post, local provider of the best gutter guard systems, Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville, shares a look at some kid-friendly home maintenance chores.

Raking Leaves

Raking the leaves is a “fun” fall chore that you and your kids can do together. Make the task more fun and engaging for your little ones by allowing them to jump into the piles that they make—as long as they rake the leaves back up again—or perhaps give a prize to whoever rakes the biggest pile. You can then collect the leaves, shred them and turn them into mulch.

Cleaning the Gutters

Older children may be able to help you while you clean the gutters. They can help you gather the supplies and stand by the ladder while you’re working. 

Cleaning the Windows

Window cleaning is not a difficult task. In fact, you can let your kids join in on the fun. Put them on garden hose duty and let them spray down the windows. Afterward, they can help you wipe the windows clean.

Wipe Down Outdoor Furniture

Preparing outdoor furniture for storage in the winter can be time-consuming, but with your kids’ help it will go faster. Let your children wipe down the furniture and then they can help you carry it into the storage area.

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