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Box gutters are not as common as they were over a hundred years ago, and you probably will have a hard time finding a gutter contractor that installs them. In today’s post, your local rain gutter guard company Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville shares a look at box gutters and why they’re not the go-to gutter style for most types of buildings. 

How Do Box Gutters Work?

Unlike a typical gutter system, box gutters are not hung from the roof’s edge. Instead, they’re placed between parallel surfaces like the junction of a parapet wall or the valley between parallel roof slopes. Box gutters are functionally the same as standard gutters but are usually much larger. Instead of hangers, box gutters are supported by a wood substrate. Pipes that lead to the downspouts typically go through the parapet or a similar structure.

Pros and Cons

Box gutters are ideal for properties that have parapets or parallel roof planes. Most often, these are commercial properties and historic sites. Their typically larger size can accommodate high amounts of rainfall. Since the gutter throughs are supported by a frame, box gutters are less likely to get damaged from the impact of a deluge. Because box gutters are integrated into the roof itself, they can be cladded with the same material as the roof and blended into the roof design. 

One of the reasons why box gutters are not very popular today is that they can be difficult to repair and maintain. Replacement will require a lot of modifications to the existing roof. A typical box gutter system costs more than twice the as much as standard gutters. They’re also much heavier, making them impractical to install on roofing fascia.

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