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Your gutters require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent debris from collecting in them and causing clogs. However, maintaining your gutters on your own is not only time-consuming and tedious—it’s also dangerous if you don’t have the proper training and equipment.

Gutter Helmet®

At Gutter Helmet® by Harry Helmet, we offer a patented gutter protection system unlike any leaf filter in Bohemia, New York. It comes with features that will completely eliminate the need to clean your gutters. Here’s how it works.

Surface Tension

Gutter Helmet capitalizes on the principle of surface tension, a property of liquids that causes the molecules at the top of the liquid to cling tightly together. Think of a pine needle resting on top of a pool of water—the reason the needle doesn’t sink is because the molecules at the top of the water are clinging tightly together, creating a sort of “bed” for the needle and other lightweight objects to rest on. This is surface tension in action.

How Gutter Helmet® Eliminates the Need for Regular Gutter Maintenance

Gutter Helmet features a ribbed, textured surface for added tensile strength, allowing it to handle heavy rainfall, snow, and strong winds. Because of surface tension, rainwater clings to the surface of Gutter Helmet while smoothly flowing downward and rounding the curved edge of the gutter guard system until passing into your gutter through a narrow slit.

Meanwhile, debris is stopped from entering your gutter, instead falling safely to the ground. This innovative design prevents clogs from forming in your gutter, sparing you the burden of maintaining your gutters on your own. This makes our product an ideal alternative to any leaf filter in Bohemia, New York.

Count on Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet to provide you with reliable and lasting gutter solutions. Call us today at (800) 824-3772 for a FREE estimate.