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Most people know that their downspouts are part of their gutter system and move rainwater channeled from the gutters away from the home. However, this doesn’t always happen. Improperly sloped gutters, clogged gutters and leaks mean water may not get to the downspout. If you want your gutters to function at their best, you need to pay attention to your gutters and the downspouts.

How Downspouts Work

With a properly functioning gutter system, gutters are sloped toward the downspout, which is typically at each corner of the house or at the end of the run of a gutter (about every 40 feet). The vertical positioning of the downspout uses gravity to move water away from the foundation. The most common feature at the end of the downspout is a curved joint that often drains into a plastic or concrete form that runs the water further from the home. Other times, the curved spout extends to a driveway or other area that can accommodate the water. Some homes have underground drainage systems with pop-ups in the yard.

No matter how or where your downspout carries the water, the goal is to prevent soil erosion and water damage to your home, among other problems. If you don’t have gutter protection products on your home, gutters and downspouts can soon become clogged. When this happens, water backs up and eventually the gutters overflow. If your gutters appear clear, the issue is inside your downspout and you’ll need to clear the clog. Sometimes you can push it through with a tool, or other times you’ll need water pressure to break it up. In the worst case, you’ll need to remove and disassemble the downspout or even replace it.

Frequently Clogged Downspouts? Add Gutter Protection Products

Downspout clogs are more difficult to clear than clogged gutters because they’re not as easy to access. The only sure way to prevent a clogged downspout is to keep your gutters clear with the best gutter guard systems. However, not all gutter protection products can do the job.

Because Gutter Helmet isn’t a metal screen that allows bugs, pine needles and other small debris through, it keeps your gutters clean like no other product on the market. We’ve been rated the best gutter guard system consistently for over three decades. And because our patented design handles rainfall at rates greater than any other product, we know that your gutter system, including the downspouts, won’t fail due to a clog.

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