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How to Downsize Your Lawn & Landscape for Retirement

By August 27, 2015October 17th, 2023No Comments

The Social Security Administration’s Office of the Inspector General reports that nearly 59 million Americans are receiving Social Security benefits as of January 2015, and a significant portion of those are American adults at retirement age. That’s a lot of homeowners who are undergoing a shift in lifestyle, which means they want to spend more time traveling and enjoying interests – and less time being saddled with time-consuming home maintenance jobs. Whether you are heading toward retirement or already there, here are some tips to help make landscape maintenance easier.

Create a landscaping plan. Retirement is a great time to consider how you want to enjoy your lawn and garden in the future. If gardening is a priority, learn about natural gardens with hardy native plants that won’t need excessive watering and tending. Choose slow-growing plants for less annual pruning. If you plan to travel extensively during retirement, an artificial turf lawn will stay green and save on your monthly water bill. Add gutter covers to reduce time and money spent on annual gutter maintenance.

Make your landscaping accessible. For arthritis sufferers, high raised beds can allow you to continue to enjoy the joys of gardening without pain. If you have a small area, container gardens on stands permit gardening without bending. Add an automated watering system or raised garden spigots that can be reached easily for watering. Install walkways that are even and wide enough to maneuver using a wheelchair or walker, and benches that provide a place for rest and relaxation.

Outsource if necessary. Many seniors don’t want to spend time mowing, pruning and climbing ladders in their golden years. Hiring a landscape and gutter company to maintain your landscaping and keep gutters clear just might be the perfect middle ground for those who still want to enjoy their outdoor spaces.

When you need landscaping maintenance solutions to help you steer clear of the physical dangers associated with climbing ladders, contact Gutter Helmet®. Our gutter cover systems eliminate the need for annual gutter cleaning and reduce home maintenance demands so you can enjoy more of your retirement. Connect with a dealer in your area today by calling (800) 824-3772 for a free quote on seamless gutters or Gutter Helmet®!