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Gutter covers help keep your gutters clean all year round. But with so many different types of gutter covers on the market, how do you know which truly work? Today, Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota discusses four unreliable gutter guards you should avoid.

Don’t Buy These 4 Types of Gutter Covers

1. Gutter Mesh Screens

These are made of aluminum or PVC screens and fit on top of your gutters. Water passes through the large holes of the screen while leaves remain on top. This isn’t an effective design because small particles can still enter your gutters through the large openings.

2. Micro-Mesh Screens

Purchasing micro-mesh screens isn’t a smart choice if you want a maintenance-free gutter system. They tend to create muck, which requires manual cleaning. Rainwater also skates across the screens instead of flowing through your gutters. This can ultimately lead to water damage.

3. Gutter Brush

A gutter brush traps debris with its bristles while water freely flows into the downspouts. The downside is you still need to clean this gutter guard by removing blown-away leaves, branches, nests and the like.

4. Gutter Foams

Gutter foams typically come in four-foot-long strips. Homeowners need to cut the foam to fit the system’s cavity. Leaves, however, can settle on its surface, which means you need to either clean or replace the inserts frequently.

Thanks to Gutter Helmet®, you don’t have to rely on these ineffective gutter protection systems. Instead, you can enjoy clog-free gutters all year round, without lifting a finger. With Gutter Helmet’s unique features, including its nose-forward and ribbed design, leaves won’t build up in the metal channels; instead, they will fall harmlessly to the ground. These gutter covers can deftly handle torrential rainfall.

Turn to Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota for your Gutter Helmet installation. Call us today at (866) 937-3508 to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Culver and nearby areas in Minnesota.