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If you live in a neighborhood that is not part of a homeowners association (HOA), undertaking home modifications, like building a fence or replacing your outdated windows, is completely up to you. If you do live in an HOA, however, you will often require approval from the HOA board before performing exterior upkeep. In this article, Gutter Helmet of Northern Minnesota, a leading provider of the best gutter guard system, reveals whether or not you need HOA approval to replace your gutters.

HOA and gutter replacement

Why Pre-Approval Matters

If you fail to ask for approval and your renovation breaks HOA rules, the board can compel you to go back to the drawing board, redo the entire work and slap you with a fine. Generally, you need board approval for remodels that involve components visible from the exterior of your residential property. Exterior elements such as the roof, siding and gutters can influence the look and feel of the HOA, so the board needs to sign off on these modifications.

CC&Rs for Your HOA

Every HOA has governing documents—commonly known as CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions)—that detail what you can and cannot do to your home. It is crucial to read the CC&Rs for your HOA before diving into work. You want to avoid the additional expense and unnecessary hassle as much as possible.

How to Get Approval

Once you have read your HOA’s CC&Rs, it is time to deal with the board. The first step is to fill out and submit relevant project forms to your HOA. If your basic plan is approved, bring in the professionals to carry out the gutter installation or any other exterior remodel. Your contractor will make sure the renovation task remains compliant. Some HOAs prefer to see all-inclusive, elaborate plans created by a trustworthy contractor before work begins.

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