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For your gutters to perform well, they need to be protected from leaves, twigs and any other debris. Debris accumulating in your gutters can pose a risk of foundational damage to your home. Although you can improvise on your own through DIY, a smarter plan is to invest in high-quality gutter protection systems instead.

Disadvantages of DIY Gutter Covers

This article discusses the disadvantages of DIY gutter covers and why professionally installed gutter covers are the better option for your home.

DIY Gutter Covers Just Don’t Cut It

One concern for DIY-ing your gutter covers is safety. Because your gutters are located along the roofline, you’ll have to climb the ladder to get up there, which is risky. Without the right technical knowledge and the necessary tools and equipment at your disposal, taking on such a project may not give you the results that you need for your gutters.

DIY-ing can’t guarantee your gutters will be protected long-term. In the future, you will have to replace the gutter covers that you improvised. Indeed, it would be better for you to pay for quality gutter protection right from the beginning.

Quality Gutter Protection Systems

When it comes to providing protection for your gutters, one name stands out above the rest—Gutter Helmet®. It is the best solution for homeowners who don’t ever want to clean their gutters again. It works all year round to prevent debris from entering your gutters, ensuring that water is free-flowing through your system at all times. This is all thanks to its innovative nose-forward design and textured surface.

Gutter Helmet can only be purchased through and installed by factory-trained, certified dealers like Gutter Helmet of Cookeville. Not only do we provide the best gutter protection systems on the market, but we also ensure a flawless installation. To learn more about what we offer, give us a call at (866) 985-9982. We serve residents of Cookeville, TN, and nearby communities.